Turn Your Phone Into A Keyboard Or Mouse || Control PC from Mobile

Control PC from Mobile – Best Trick for Mouse and keyboard

Control PC from Mobile – Today we come with a best trick for you to control your computer with any mobile phone android or iphone.

If you want to Turn Your Phone Into A Keyboard Or Mouse then read this trick till the last. Not only mouse you can also control volume, restart or shutdown moreover you can also change the setting like mouse scroll speed, right or left click etc.

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Control PC from Mobile

What is the use of using mouse and keyboard in mobile?

It can be happen that your wireless keyboard or mouse battery is down and you have to do the work then the best way is to use your mobile as a mouse or keyboard.

Or it can also happen that you have wired mouse or keyboard and you want to work by by sitting far from that so you can use your mobile and work easily. So for this i am going to share one tool from which you can do so.

Before we see the steps to convert your mobile into mouse lets checkout the requirements you need.

Requirements :

> In mobile download the this app – UNIFIED REMOTE

> In Computer Download this software – Unified Remote Official Website 

> Both mobile and computer connected with same wifi

Unified remote app

Before we move forward please download the above software and keep them ready in mobile and computer. After that checkout the steps to covert you mobile in keyboard or mouse.

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Steps to Control PC from Mobile

1) First download the Unified Remote application in the mobile. and install it.

2) Open and sign it with google or you can skip that.

3) Here you will see that the application saying Download Unified remote software in computer.

4) Now move on to PC and download the software from above link.

5) Install the unified software correctly in you pc.

6) Now again come to mobile and click on “I’ve installed the server”

It will process and show you list of computer available Click on which you want to work.

Note : Your mobile and computer must be connected with save wifi. 

Superb guys !! Now you can use your mobile as a mouse or keyboard. 😉

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Features of Unified Remote :

Although its many features are available only in paid version but the features which you can use in free version are:


In basic input you can use mouse or keyboard all the instruction are mention there like

  • Tap with one finger to left-click
  • Tap with two fingers to right-click
  • Drag with two fingers to scroll
  • Use pinch to zoom in and out
  • Long-press and move to drag
  • Tap once to release drag

*Keyboard supports the English language only in free version


  • Volume (up, down, mute)
  • Next & previous track
  • Stop playback
  • Toggle playback (play, pause)


Control system power, login, and Wake on LAN.

  • Restart system
  • Shutdown system
  • Logoff current user
  • Lock computer (Windows and Mac)
  • Put system in sleep state
  • Put system in hibernate state (Windows)
  • Abort any pending restart or shutdown (Windows)
  • Send Wake On LAN/WAN

Hope you like this if you have any query on converting mobile into mouse any keyboard then comment below we will surely guide you.

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