Convert Phonepe Cashback Into Withdrawal Money {WORKING TRICK}

As before we posted trick to transfer phonepe cashback into bank is now not working. So today we again here with a trick to convert Phonepe Cashback Into Withdrawal Money.

Phonepe cashback transfer to bank trick is working fine and tested. You can use this trick to transfer your cashback.

trick to transfer phonepe cashback into bank

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Requirement to Transfer phonepe cashback to bank :

  • Airtel number
  • Phonepe account with cashback.

How to Convert Phonepe Cashback Into Withdrawal Money ?

1) Go to Recharge and Use “Airtel” number.

2) Select operator as VODAFONE and Circle- UP WEST

3) Then proceed with recharge amount of Rs. 347 only

4) Then pay via cashback amount.

5) You will get 30 rs. cashback Instantly .(Don’t use it)

6) Then after 3-4 minutes you will get your 347rs. refunded to your wallet and Rs. 30 will become With draw balance.

7) Do these steps again and again. Each time Rs. 30 will be converted to Withdrawal balance.

Hope you understand and if still you have any query then comment below surely we will guide you 🙂

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