How to make 360 Degree Videos For YouTube Using Android

Hello guys here welcome to grabit!! Today here we come with a great tutorial for you and in this we will show you how to make 360 degree videos for youtube from your android device. Before going on let me tell you about what is 360 degree video.

how to make 360 degree videos for youtube

The 360 degree is a new type of videos where you can present your video in 360 mode means you can show all your area near to you. Each and everything which is near to you but here the question is :

How to watch 360 degree video?

You can watch the 360 degree video by move the mouse on the screen over the video to watch any area. It will move the video where the mouse cursor go. We added a YouTube video below from which you can learn. How to create 360 degree video.

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Actually here what happens is the video which you make is not a video in real that is only a picture, a 360 degree picture. Later on to make a video we use that 360 degree picture.

So if you want to make any 360 degree video for YouTube so here are 3 main parts 

  • Image in 360 degree
  • Render that image and make it MP4 file
  • Processing of upload on youtube

Here for 360 degree image you need the google camera app although most of the phone get this camera but in the new phone there is no google camera so i had provided a link to download Google Camera apk  – DOWNLOAD HERE


google camera app for 360 degree image capture

Download the google camera according to your mobile version and install it. Now lets take a 360 degree image for your YouTube video. Checkout below video from google maps to know how to take a 360 degree photo.

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Note :-

  • Don’t choose the panorama
  • Resolution of image 8096 X 4048

That’s Great guys!! You had created a 360 degree image now get that picture in your computer and open that image in any video editor which you use like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere etc.

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After open that image in software you can make a 360 degree video from that software now note that at the time of rendering the video extension should be MP4 and don’t forget the resolution and also kept its expect ration should be 2:1

Good job !! You edited and render that file. Now move on to 3rd step that is upload your video on YouTube.

Before uploading on YouTube you have to follow some steps.

  1. First, visit this page – VISIT NOW
  2. Then click on “Prepare for upload”
  3. Download the software according to your system
  4. Now Unzip and install that software.
  5. Click on open and select you 360 degree video
  6. Select the checkbox for Spherical and click Save as. [Do not select the “3D Top-bottom” checkbox.]
  7. Enter a name for the file that will be created. Save the file.
  8. A new file will be created automatically in the same location as the original file.
  9. Upload the new file to YouTube.

Hope you guys got each and every thing or also like it, if you have any query then comment below we will guide you. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family members.

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